What if it was easy to keep your kids happily playing screen free?

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Peaceful Play Box: Seasons 

The quarterly subscription box filled with engaging activities for kids that don't require constant attention from mom or dad. Designed for kids ages 3 - 7.

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Imagine if your favorite Pinterest mom blogger packaged up that pretty picture and sent it to you!

All the planning, gathering, and design is done for you!

Instead of depending on screen time, grab your box and you're ready to go! Now you can prepare dinner, make that important phone call, or work on your home business.

All while your child builds brain cells through creative STEAM activities, not staring at a screen.

Check out our testers playing with our smaller prototype boxes:

How It Works:

Choose Your Plan

Peaceful Play Box is delivered once every three months. Decide on a quarterly or annual plan, add a sibling, or gift the box!

We Curate

Through testing and research, we curate high quality, imagination-boosting toys and tools that tie into our seasonal theme.

Peaceful Play Delivered!

Your box arrives on your doorstep once a quarter (December, March, June, September) and your kids play! Extend playtime with our 10 weekly videos of STEAM challenges and projects.

Choose Your Box

We offer boxes delivered once per season. Why? Because nobody needs more plastic disposable waste. Our quarterly boxes are valued at over $150 and can be easily stored until next season and are meant to be played with for 10+ weeks!




Sensory Toys/Tools

STEAM Challenges & Projects

Imaginary Play Toys


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Sensory Toys/Tools for 2

STEAM Challenges & Projects

Imaginary Play Toys for 2


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Sensory Toys/Tools 

STEAM Challenges & Projects

Imaginary Play Toys 


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"I've tried many subscription boxes that have been great...for 10 minutes. Then the puzzle is done or the project is done and I'm left with paper and a plastic volcano. My kids continue to reuse and play with the box, doing the activities and then mixing in the contents with their existing toys. The box is truly a lifesaver for parents who want free time!"

Michelle S.
mom of 6-year-old & 8-year-old

"A lot of my friends don't do crafts at home because they think it's a big mess and won't occupy their kids for long. This product is different because there's a lot they can do with it day after day!"

Taran C.
mom of 2-year-old & 5-year-old

"We have 20 other subscription boxes stacked up in the closet and the kids never ask for them. I never have time to do them! They ask for the Peaceful Play Box every time I put it away for a day!"

Kimberly A.
mom of newborn, 5-year-old, & 8-year-old

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