3 Ways to Inspire Play Using Cardboard to Create

Aug 27, 2020

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Good old Amazon boxes are coming in handy with kids.

Don't throw them out, seriously - keep them! At least break them down and lie them flat in a closet so you can break them out on days when you're looking for something to keep the kids busy.

Here are 3 ways to inspire your children to use cardboard to create:

1. Ask your child to create a prototype of something they want. Our daughter wanted a paper/pen organizer and created and customized one of her very own with boxes and a low-heat hot glue gun.

2. Build a home for their favorite figures. Whether it's animals or superheroes, princesses, or LEGO mini-figures, how cool is it to have a custom-designed home for their favorite toys. We used the prompt of making what the kids had built in their Minecraft worlds. It takes the 2-d learning into a 3-d, sensory world. 

3. Try CORI. When your child is old enough to start working with wood and real tools, this is a wonderful in-between step that we feel comfortable allowing our 10-year-old to use unsupervised. Instead of wood blocks and a saw, it's cardboard beams and an Exacto-knife saw with a holder. Learn more about Cori here.

Which one will you try first?



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