5 Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Your Preschooler, Kindergartener, or Elementary School Aged Child

Sep 05, 2019

Are you looking for inspiration on how to get your kids' lunches packed quickly and easily? Today I'm sharing five healthy school lunch ideas for kids in kindergarten and early elementary school. Check out the video to see it all in action - or scroll down for details on each lunch.

Our kids are now five, eight and nine. And up until two years ago, their lunches would come home and they would not be eaten. They'd be half eaten.

Our oldest always wanted to play instead of eat.

Our middle child sometimes had trouble finding everything in her lunch with all the different containers.

And our youngest, this has been a long journey, but he's been in food therapy for a number of years. 

Our youngest used to eat only five to six foods and that was it, and so it's been a long struggle getting him on track. But one of the easiest ways to get him on track was to give him foods that he liked in his lunch, but then also add one or two things that he was kind of okay with, and eventually, he'd be hungry and his friends were around and he would try things. We made a lot of progress and he is now eating. He's just a picky eater. No longer an extremely picky eater with "food aversion."

With our favorite lunchbox, the Planetbox Rover, we're working with five compartments. It's so easy to just fill the compartments with the food groups that work for your family. We like to use fruit, veggie, protein, healthy fat, and something fun. It's so easy to think about it this way.

Lunch 1: Deconstructed Yogurt Parfait

Strawberry Greek yogurt


Granola. This is the kids' favorite.

Broccoli with ranch dip


Lunch 2: Cracker Stackers

Crackers of choice alternating with

Sliced Cheese 

Deli Meat

Seasonal Fruit

Seasonal Veggie

Chocolate Square


Lunch 3: Fruit Bowl with Sides of Meat/Cheese

Fruit Bowl - Large Portion

Dried Seaweed Pack

Deli Meat & Cheese (cut with mini-cutters into shapes on skewers)


Dove Chocolate Square 

Lunch 4: Leftovers or Breakfast for Lunch

Leftovers are always an awesome option for packing in your kids' lunches. There's usually just a little bit left, which fit perfectly in the compartments.

Scrambled eggs


Vegetables with Ranch Dip

Fruit with Yogurt Dip

Jelly Beans

Lunch 5: Mini Roll Sandwich

Turkey and Cheese Slice

Hawaiian or Small Dinner Roll

Honeycrisp Apple Slices



Which lunch is your favorite?


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