5 Things Moms Need During Quarantine!

Apr 22, 2020

WOW! These things have been life-changing over the past month! During quarantine, there are just some items that make life easier. Moms, I hope this list helps you!

First, here's the FREE Play Presents eBook Link - available for a limited time!

These are the things we need, Mamas!

Note: if you decide to view and purchase some of these items, I may get paid a small amount, but your price will not increase. Thank you for your support! I made this list without knowing if any of these had affiliate programs or links.

1. Dustbuster

2. Joggers

3. Monopoly - so many versions to choose from!

4. Recipe Book

5. Hair Lightener and Dry Shampoo

Bonus - Journaling each morning has done wonders for my mindset and for our family. I start by writing down my dream from the night before. Then, I reframe any negative thoughts on my mind.

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