5 Ways to Make Healthy Snacks for Picky Eaters

Sep 27, 2019

Do you have a picky eater at home?

Get 5 tips for getting them to eat healthy snacks in this video version:

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Whenever I'm going anywhere for more than an hour, I make sure to take snacks along to keep their bellies full. Here in America, what's marketed as snack foods aren't exactly the healthiest. Healthy snacks should really be mini-meals made up of healthy fat, a protein, and a carbohydrate. Snacks like this slow digestion and help kids stay full longer. It also helps to avoid sugar highs and sugar crashes.

I look at snack time as a great time to get more nutrition into their little bodies. So I've got five tips for you to get your kids eating healthy snacks.

Use fun tools. 

We like to use little food picks, skewers, toothpicks, or mini forks. Edible candy google eyes make snacks super cute.

Use dips!

For protein, use Greek yogurt, nut butter, cheese sauce, or a cream cheese spread. Lots of kids like whipped cream or ketchup. Make snack time a party by adding dips! You can dip fruits, vegetables, meats, crackers, anything that you think of as a healthy snack can be used with a dip to make it more of a complete mini-meal snack.

Homemade Treats

Many picky eaters love at least one type of granola bar. The processed granola bars are okay, but if you make it from home, you can make sure you know exactly what's going into it. There are a lot of copycat recipes out there on Google where you can make a similar type of bar to the ones that they like that are pre-packaged.

You can freeze them so they're ready to go if you want an on the go snack. Wrap them in some parchment paper in a zip lock freezer bag.

If granola bars aren't your first choice, you can also make little energy bites. Our favorite has granola, honey, almond butter, flax seeds, and a few chocolate chips. The kids really like those too, and you can put those in little balls and keep them in your fridge and bring them on the go for a snack with a lot of energy, protein and healthy fat.

Make it mini.

Kids love it when you're making things extra small, just their size. So we like to make mini quiches in here, mini muffins. You can even put an egg and bacon in and cut them really small. You can make banana bread. Just pick up a mini muffin tray and have fun with that.

In your local freezer section you'll find lots of mini kinds of foods, mini tacos, mini meatballs, mini corn dogs. So make it mini, and it's perfect for on the go and it's a perfect size for a snack.


Our kids love sweet things. So when we started smoothies, I got really crazy and I tried to make them a green smoothie and it did not go well. My suggestion is start off very sweet and then gradually, gradually make it into more of a green smoothie. We started with lots of fruit and fruit juice and slowly added more veggies like spinach and cauliflower. 

Get a blender that can mix up smoothies to a very smooth consistency for picky eaters.

Now you know how to make snacks fun for your picky eater.

Use tools.

Use dips.

Make homemade snacks.

Mini treats.



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