Do You Know How to Keep Your Kids Busy When You're Working From Home?

Mar 03, 2019

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I love sharing screen-free, creative play ideas for your kids.

Today I want to share the backstory of WHY I’ve been doing this.
Because I think it can help you.

So - first off - let’s get your kids set up with a Play Present activity because I want to talk to you.

Let’s keep them busy with some Stained Glass Coloring.

Stained glass coloring books are different because they’re printed on this beautiful translucent paper with heavy black lines. When you hold them up to the light, the colors shine brilliantly and boldly. The lines are heavy, so it’s easier to stay in the lines. Kids love the different texture of coloring on something other than regular paper.

You can use paint, markers, felt-tip colored pens, crayons or all sorts of combinations of those to make it even more fun and exciting for your kids.

The pages tear out so you can tape them to a window or do other sorts of crafts with the finished artwork.

You can find them in specialty stores, museums, sometimes craft stores, but your best get is to grab them from Amazon. They can be hard to find.

So order your family a stained glass coloring book and/or some washable paint pens but for now, use the same principle by getting your child some different paper and writing utensils. If you usually give them a coloring book, give them a blank white sheet of paper. If you usually give them copy paper, try colored paper or list paper or post-its. Instead of crayons, try markers or colored pencils.

So get your kids set up, and then come back and finish reading, because I want to share this with you.


For the past 3 years, I’ve wanted to do one thing - and that’s START AN ONLINE BUSINESS.

I have so much knowledge about marketing in my head - I helped my husband start his Social Media Digital Agency that he still runs to this day, he hosts the Social Media Social Hour, I’ve started and managed a community blog, I’ve gone through courses, read books and blogs, gone to conferences and been a part of groups about marketing and starting a business.

But. I haven’t been willing to activate on most of it because my priority has been spending time with my kids and my husband. I love watching our children grow and learn. I haven’t wanted to miss out on any of it.

I also never thought I had this ONE THING I was good at like everybody else. Like a psychologist, or a designer, or a nutritionist...

And when I want to work on my stuff, I felt incredibly guilty using screens to keep them busy. So I’ve put a ton of time and energy into learning all sorts of tricks and tips to keep them busy and off screens so I can do my own thing next to them.

So, because of this journey I’ve been on, I believe I can help you.

Haven’t you thought about starting a side business for YOU? A way to make your mark on the world but you feel like you don’t have the TIME or you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re not sure what you can do? What you’re good at?

Or - maybe you’ve already started a have a side business.

I know now that I can help you by teaching you how to keep your kids occupied so you can work alongside them. I know how to work smart, not hard. I have a roadmap of what needs to happen for you to get started going on something.

I just wanted you to know, you can find more here than kids activities.

This past week I’ve been to two amazing conferences, Marketing Impact Academy Live and Traffic and Conversion Summit
My head is exploding with all the things I want to activate on.
So if you want to not only entertain your kids but also get some actionable tips about marketing and starting businesses, you’re in the right place.

Drop me a comment if this is resonating with you. I am here to serve you and want to share what you find most helpful.

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