Easy 4th of July STEM Activities for the Best Summer Ever

Jul 04, 2019

Are you looking for ways to entertain kids this 4th of July? Keep the kids busy and having fun this holiday with these easy to set up STEM activities and coloring pages.

When the kids are done running around, it's helpful to put out some markers, crayons, coloring pages, and blank paper. You can create your own with a tracing pad, or check the description, where I've linked up a few of our favorite coloring pages.

We believe in setting up activities that use STEM, which is science, technology, engineering, and math. We also add in art, so it makes it STEAM. We encourage all of those activities for our kids at home, to keep them challenged, and busy, and having fun. STEM jobs pay almost double per hour, and are growing at a rate of 13%.


Challenge the kids put together marshmallows and toothpick constellations. This is a great activity for them to do for the 4th of July. Just gather up some mini marshmallows and some toothpicks. You might have to break some of them in half. Use black paper, and just with pencil sketch out the most famous constellations. 

Add in the little dots for where the marshmallows should go, and then the lines for the toothpicks, and they can get busy constructing. Even the big kids like this because that means they get to eat the marshmallows when they're done. It's fun because it almost always happens where they start with the constellations, and they start building towers and structures, and the fun can go on for a long time.


We love the SkyView app. This is an app that allows you to take your smartphone, and point it at the night sky. It will find constellations for you, and draw them on your phone.

It's a lot of fun for the kids to really see what they were building before, and really understand what the constellations are. 


Challenge your kids to make firework launchers! You'll need a larger straw, a smaller straw, some tape, some scissors, colored paper, or white paper with markers.

Take the big straw, snip the end off of it, and tape the end closed. Then have the kids create a firework image. They can color it on white paper, or cut out something on the colored paper. Tape it to the back, and then slip the smaller straw inside the larger straw, and when you blow on it, it launches.

The kids can have challenged to see how far they can go, how high they can go. All sort of different ways to make this activity last a long time. If you do it outside in the grass, the kids often times will play with this for a very long time.


Coloring pages are, of course, art, but I also wanted to share this great activity we like to do: making fireworks with salt. You'll need heavy paper, glue, salt, liquid watercolors or regular watercolors. If you're using liquid water colors, you'll need droppers.

Start by drawing a firework shape on the paper with glue, and after you've done that, use a tray, or you can do this outside, dump a bunch of salt on it, a LOT of salt. Make sure it's completely covering the glue, and then if you tip the paper, you can salvage the remnants of the salt to use for the next project.

After you have the salt on it, then you bring out your watercolors, and if you just touch your watercolor to the edge of the salt firework, it will travel along and it kind of like lights up like magic. The kids have a lot of fun with this activity.


For the little ones, just counting the stars on the flag is a great way for them to practice math concepts of counting from one to 50. They can practice writing on top of the stars, if you have a printout of a flag, or you could just have them write the numbers on a piece of paper, or even just point to them and count.

For older kids, you could do lots of fun activities with fours. They can count by four, they can use a number line, they can count the stars, or you can do multiplication questions with fours. Tying it into fours because it's the 4th of July makes a fun way to incorporate math into the day.

Now you know how to keep your kids busy with STEM, or STEAM, projects for the 4th of July. Are you looking for ideas for the rest of the year? Keep in touch by signing up for my email list with tips and ideas for year-round play!


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