Get Your Time Back With This Fashion Hack for Busy Moms

Nov 13, 2018

One of the things I miss most about pre-kid, single life is the ability to spend a few hours window shopping at the mall and choosing just the right outfits that fit my personality and lifestyle.


I used to love wandering through and noticing all the seasonal themes and decorations, grabbing a snack at a kiosk and trying on fun new clothes.


The reality is to make time for this now means giving up precious morning alone time while all three kids are in school or calling in a favor to my husband and have him watch all three kids while I spend our money. Ha!


When the kids were really small, I decided to try a subscription box where they pick items out for me and send them to me based on a style profile questionnaire I fill out. While this doesn’t give me the satisfaction of physically going to the mall, spending time catching up on fashion in magazines or online and trying on outfits, it saves me a good three to four hours of time at least!


I’ve tried Nordstrom’s Trunk Club - amazing but dangerous, as they’ll send may items to you at once and there’s really nothing on sale and no discounts at all. I spent WAY too much when I tried them, and I would recommend this if you stick to a seasonal more quarterly box and you have a really good idea of what you need in your wardrobe.


My favorite is Stitch Fix for on-trend clothes that don’t break the bank. With young children, I like clothes that are machine washable, won’t easily snag or rip and are stretchy and comfortable for moving around in. I’m often on the floor, at the park, running around the house cleaning up and I also love to take mini movement breaks with the kids of jumping, dancing or yoga throughout the day without changing or worrying about messing up beautiful clothes.


A handful of my friends have tried Stitch Fix after hearing me rave about it or complimenting me on my outfit and then hearing it’s from Stitch Fix. Unfortunately, about half of them haven’t had great luck with them. Here is the big secret for a successful Fix!


MAKE SURE to take time to make a Pinterest Board with your “look” and link it to your profile. Before I did this, I liked one or two items in my Fix of five monthly items but the others I didn’t like much. After I spent time on my Pinterest Board I’ve often liked every item in my Fix or close to it. If you keep all five items you get 25% off, so it’s best to keep just one or two things or keep it all for the best value.


The other thing that can help is to completely fill out your style profile and add a note to your stylist about what you are looking for in what they are sending you.


In my experience, you can’t be too picky because the stylists have limited items they can choose from, so don’t request a specific color or item but be more general like, “Headed to a girls weekend getaway at a cabin. We’ll be spending time outdoors with chilly evenings but it will be hot and we’ll be out on the lake in a boat and sitting around inside the lodge or by the campfire. I’d love to be the best dressed there but still warm and comfortable.”


That will go a lot farther than, “I’m looking for a long sleeve red top in velvet.” Good luck with that!


I have received Stitch Fix boxes on and off since my youngest was a baby and I can’t say enough how much of a time saver they are and it’s also great because sometimes I’ll try on something I never would have picked out and it’s totally cute!


Stitch Fix also carries maternity clothing and has boxes for men and children, too!


If you want to give it a try, I’m not affiliated with them, but they do give anyone who using a referral link $25 off and I will also get $25 off my next order, so use my link or just go to their site and try it!

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