Magna-Tiles Ideas to Keep Your Kids Playing All Day

Jul 11, 2019

Are you looking for ways to keep your child playing so you can get work done from home? Today I'm sharing three ways to play and three things to build with this favorite toy of kids five and under.

This post is best as a video, but scroll down if you prefer to read!

When you want to get some work done and you have your kids with you, Magna-Tiles are a great option. They work for all three of our kids and a lot of our friends' kids. Most preschools and elementary schools have Magna-Tiles because there's so much learning that you can do with them. There are so many benefits to playing with Magna-Tiles. They're really fun and they encourage imaginative play. They help kids learn early math concepts. They're great for colors, for shapes, for problem-solving and for 3D thinking.

So what are Magna-Tiles? They're little shapes that click together. There are magnets on each side of them and then they just click together really easily.

Kids can make shapes with them and little structures. And they work on any side, at any angle because of the way that the magnets are on here. We love this clear color set because it's kind of fun. They're translucent so you can see inside them and it also is really fun to play with light when you're playing with these.

While they're technically for ages three and up, little ones can play with them. They can easily hang on to them and there's not much choking hazard as far as I can see, I know they are safety tested. There's a couple of competitors out there to Magna-Tiles, but we've always gone with the real one. They have worked great.

If you don't have a set yet, we highly recommend that you get one of the larger sets because if you get a smaller set, you can't build as many cool things and as many structures. We have the largest set they make and we love it and we did the clear colors. And then we also got a little supplemental set that was for vehicles or cars.


The kids love to make cubes, put things inside them, and give them to each other and me as "presents!" They think it's soooo much fun to keep giving and opening "presents" over and over again.

If you get the supplemental set that has wheels, kids can make vehicles. They don't just make cars, they make motor homes, trucks, mobile animals, their imaginations go so crazy today our 8-year-old made a "skunk-mobile." WHAT?!?

Castles, garages, houses... It's fun to see how they make structures that fit whatever else they're playing with. It could be little figures, animals, Hot Wheels cars, Transformers, Legos, you name it. Working out how to make the structure stable and able to withstand weight is a great lesson for their little brains!

So now you have three things that you can build with the Magna-Tiles if you're looking for inspiration.

Three ways so set up play when you're first starting out with Magna-Tiles:


If you don't have one, we makeshift a light table with a plastic bin and then we put holiday lights inside of it. You might need to add a lightweight cloth to soften the light.


Set up the play activity by a window or a source of light, so you can see the light shining through the Magna-Tiles. On a sunny afternoon when the light streams through the window, it casts colorful shadows throughout the room and makes the Magna-Tiles glow beautifully.


The kids love the mirror because especially if it's outdoors because it looks like you have multiple Magna-Tiles going under and over in all sorts of directions, and it makes it for a longer-lasting activity.

So now you know the benefits of Magna-Tiles, three things to build, three ways to play, and I hope it helps you keep your kids playing for hours! Let me know if you have any questions!

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