How to Get Your Kids to Fall Asleep Faster

You just spent the last 45 minutes helping your son take a bath, brush his teeth, get his pajamas on, and read a bedtime story. You've done the whole dance of kiss and cuddle goodnight.

You head downstairs and get cozy on the sofa next to your husband and...

"Mom? I can't sleep."


Tell me you've been there.

Two-thirds of parents report some kind of sleep-related challenge with their kids at least a few times each week, according to Parents Magazine. When kids don't get enough sleep, they can't focus, get hyperactive, don't learn as well and they crave sugar.

If you have a preschooler, he should be getting 11-13 hours of sleep. Kids age 5 - 12 years should be getting 10-11 hours and teenagers need 9-10 hours of sleep. 

Not getting enough sleep happens to us ALL the freakin' time. But. We are taking action. My husband just found this cool tool that has been helping the entire family wind down for the Sandman.

The Casper Glow Light is a soft light that won't emit any...

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5 Actions to Take When Starting A Business or Brand

Last week, I spent the weekend with one of my mentors, Chalene Johnson, at her Marketing Impact Live conference. I’m giving you the inside scoop on what I thought her biggest messages were for online business owners.


It's more fun to watch! Click the photo to get a more inside scoop about lessons learned at the event.

I found Chalene Johnson a few years ago from her podcast “Build Your Tribe.” She makes talking about business super fun and entertaining, so I kept listening and started to love her.

My husband and I went through her program on creating a life you love, and I remember her live event was the first time my husband and I had spent the night away from the kids since our third was born. It was heaven!

So fast forward, I’ve been following her for a while, and have been learning a ton about marketing from her. I had no idea at first that she created Piyo, Turbokick and sold her programs to Beachbody and is an infomercial queen.


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Do You Know How to Keep Your Kids Busy When You're Working From Home?

Click the photo to watch the video version instead

I love sharing screen-free, creative play ideas for your kids.

Today I want to share the backstory of WHY I’ve been doing this.
Because I think it can help you.

So - first off - let’s get your kids set up with a Play Present activity because I want to talk to you.

Let’s keep them busy with some Stained Glass Coloring.

Stained glass coloring books are different because they’re printed on this beautiful translucent paper with heavy black lines. When you hold them up to the light, the colors shine brilliantly and boldly. The lines are heavy, so it’s easier to stay in the lines. Kids love the different texture of coloring on something other than regular paper.

You can use paint, markers, felt-tip colored pens, crayons or all sorts of combinations of those to make it even more fun and exciting for your kids.

The pages tear out so you can tape them to a window or do other sorts of crafts with the finished...

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Bedtime Stories: How to Go Beyond Just Reading Another Book

Today I’m sharing how to make storytime more fun for you and your kids.


I’m guessing your bedtime routine with your kids involves storytime. Am I right?


If you’re saying no, maybe it’s because you think your kids are “too old” for bedtime stories, right? Wrong. Even when your child can read well, it’s important to still read together aloud. It helps with pronunciation and getting words into their brain, it also associates reading with pleasure and together-time, and allows you to talk about and analyze the story together.


You should be incorporating more stories into your child’s life, not less and not just at bedtime.


Here’s 3 reasons why:


1.  You are literally teaching your child to THINK when you are telling stories.

All conceptual thought depends on us creating or remembering pictures in our head of what we are thinking of.

When you are thinking of a dog, you have in your...

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The 5 Most Influential Creative Parenting Books I Read in 2018

   Click on the photo to watch the video version 

Now that our youngest has turned five-years-old, I finally have time to read again! So many great books to choose from, here are my favorites from last year that have helped with my parenting:

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne

When we dreamed of having kids and a family, most of us had visions and dreams of us all sitting around laughing and enjoying family time together. The reality is, our daily lives disconnect us from these moments because there’s too much of everything. Too much stuff, too much information, too much speed, too many activities scheduled, and too many choices. This book is a reminder of the importance of creating calm and rhythm into our children’s lives.

It actually became a goal of mine for 2019: to create a calm, soothing environment for our family.


How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims

I agreed with most of the reminders of this book, it’s basically stop...

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Get Your Time Back With This Fashion Hack for Busy Moms


One of the things I miss most about pre-kid, single life is the ability to spend a few hours window shopping at the mall and choosing just the right outfits that fit my personality and lifestyle.


I used to love wandering through and noticing all the seasonal themes and decorations, grabbing a snack at a kiosk and trying on fun new clothes.


The reality is to make time for this now means giving up precious morning alone time while all three kids are in school or calling in a favor to my husband and have him watch all three kids while I spend our money. Ha!


When the kids were really small, I decided to try a subscription box where they pick items out for me and send them to me based on a style profile questionnaire I fill out. While this doesn’t give me the satisfaction of physically going to the mall, spending time catching up on fashion in magazines or online and trying on outfits, it saves me a good three to four hours of time at least!



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How to Create A Vision Board With Your Child

Don't you love setting goals? I'm inspired all the time by leaders who explain how wonderful it is to have goals and how much more successful people are when they make them. Did you know not many of us actually take the time to write them down?

Shortly after the birth of our second child, my husband and I went out on a date night and he started asking me all sorts of questions, like "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and "What's next for you?" I remember being so frustrated he would ask me questions like that when I was in survival mode with the kids. Of course, he didn't understand, but for a few years, I didn't have time to think about anything other than the kids or food or how to care for them. I was either with them or trying to stay awake. Sleep was so precious and I wasn't getting enough.

After that brief time, I got back to goal-setting and it's always served me well. Lots of my friends would tell me they created vision boars. I remember thinking they were kind...

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What to Pack for Soccer

A couple of years ago, my husband traveled a ton and I was in charge of bringing all three kids out in 100-degree weather for soccer games on Saturday mornings. That first year, it was all about the snacks. I think I ended up feeding all the younger siblings at the same time as my own kids, so I brought lots of snacks, chairs, the soccer stuff and all three kids in the wagon after parking a third of a mile away.


As the kids have gotten older and I’ve gotten more practice, we have streamlined these outings to make them much easier and more fun!


Dad is in charge of taking all three of our kids to soccer practice on his own this weekend, so I’m supplying him with everything he needs for a successful outing.


Keeping little ones busy in the hot sun all morning isn’t easy! Here’s what to stock up on to make sure you are set up for success.


First off, of course, each child should be dressed in their soccer uniform, socks, shinguards,...

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3 Ways to Get Your Child to Stay in Bed at Night

Watch the video HERE.


You made it through the early years of either sleep training or lying in your child’s room until they fell asleep, right? So why is your big kid constantly coming down or lying in bed awake until all hours of the night?


When our oldest started preschool, it was like as soon as he got into bed his brain became alive. He built his best creations our of Duplo Lego or Zoobs when he was supposed to be sleeping, asked many intriguing questions and would even cry because he couldn’t get tired enough to fall asleep. The fact was, he was overtired and we tried everything to correct it - switching up the bedtime, creating a more soothing routine, we even got our the essential oils and massagers.


When he was in 1st grade, I found this great book and we read it together. It has helped him understand it is his job to help his body relax and there are many ways to do it. There’s also a game in the book that really helped our 3-year-old...

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How to Stay Healthy When the Kids Are Sick

Flu season has been really tough this year, especially in our neighborhood. All three of the kids have been sick on and off for the past six weeks. My husband has been traveling and has stayed healthy using a few of the tricks I’m about to share with you. I stayed well for the past year, but it finally got me this season! Isn’t it hard not to get sick when the kids are cuddling up next to you and at the same time sniffling, sneezing and coughing all over us?!

When I feel a little less than 100% I go into attack mode to prevent the spread of germs.


First, I clean and sanitize the main community areas of the house.

I change out all the towels and give all family members their own hand towel in each bathroom. I wash our throw blankets in our living room. I’ll wash bedding if I have time, but definitely all pillowcases. I wipe down light switches, door knobs, faucet handles and remotes.


This sounds so gross, but in reality, it’s not that...

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