How to Teach Growth Mindset to Kids at Home Using Journaling

How can we teach our kids the growth mindset when we've been raised only knowing about a fixed mindset?

It's a lot easier with tools!

That's why I created this video about my favorite journals to use with little kids.

It's not what you might think!

Reinforcing the growth mindset at home is important so kids can adopt it as their way of thinking. 

A growth mindset is a belief that our brain grows through practice and work, that we're not born with all of our talent and abilities.

 Are you teaching your kids to use a growth mindset? 

Here are the resources mentioned in the video for you!

These are Amazon links, so if you purchase through here, at no charge to you, you get to support me creating more info like this for you! 

Blank Journals

Unlined Blank Journals

Two Minute Morning Journal

3 Minute Journal

Wreck This Journal

Big Life Journal


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