A Better Toy for Travel Than LEGO: Plus Plus Blocks Ideas

Do you wish your kids would play with something other than LEGO? Mix it up with this building toy, perfect for ages 3-10 years! This toy is great for creative thinking and it's wonderful for travel, for playing at a siblings practice, or for playing at home.

In this video, you'll learn what Plus Plus Blocks are, why you should try them out, and the favorite things our kids build with them:

What are Plus-Plus Blocks?

They are little plus signs that allow kids to build in all directions.

Why do we love them?

1. Perfect for grabbing on the go, the tube packaging is easy to stuff into a bag or large purse and run out the door. It's no big deal if a few are lost because they are all the same! I've spent hours looking in the grass for a dropped LEGO!

2. Great for all ages - they have larger pieces for young kids, and the regular sets are even fun for adults!

3. They don't hurt if you accidentally step on one!

What do we build?

People, robots, humans, dogs, eagles, babies, animals,...

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