Teaching Young Children About Race and Racism With Art

The first step in discussing race with young children is talking about the differences. What better way to have this conversation through art? 

When children ask about different colors of skin, take the opportunity to discuss what melanin is and how wonderful the world is with all different kinds of people. 

While it may seem touchy to some of us, children enjoy mixing and matching skin tone colors to match what they see in the world.

Here are some great art supplies to practice with and have conversations about!

Be a model for the attitude, behavior, and values you want to instill in your children!

Here are our favorites:

Multicultural Crayons

Pebble Crayons

Washable Markers

Skin Tone Tempera Paints

Multicultural Pencils

High-Quality Thick Pencils

People Cutouts

Skin Tone Construction Paper



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