Should You Try A Screen Free Week With Your Family? How We Survived Screen-Free Week.

We just went an entire week with our kids screen-free. 

So what is screen-free week? It's an international event that's put on by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood. It's when families are encouraged to put away the screens, go outdoors, spend time together as a family, and only use screens if you have to for work or homework.

So our family tried it.

We didn't follow the rules exactly. We were off screens whenever the kids were around and awake. 

The reason we did it is we wanted to see what kind of changes might happen after just turning off and not using screens for a week.

I've been reading that Silicon Valley executives who've created all these screens and apps and social media sites don't allow their kids to use screens, and its made me think maybe there's something to this. Maybe we can see some different personality traits, or differences in our own family if we try to go screen-free for a short time.

I've been doing lots of research and...

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