How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Our Kids? // Screen Time Guidelines 2019

Last month the World Health Organization came out with screen time guidelines for our children. How much screen time is the right amount for our kids? 

The World Health Organization says too much screen time is hurting our kids and their development. They came out with their first-ever recommendations last April of 2019. The screen time recommendations are no screen time under two years of age, one hour of screen time under five years, and three hours of active play for two to five-year-olds.

Do you think that's realistic?

At first, I thought no, but then I did some research, and I've realized that we've kind of fallen into some bad habits as a family. Have you, too?

I think we are tired.

I think we are bored with the slow pace of watching a little one all day.

I think we don't have other tools at our disposal that work as well as screens do.

I think we want our children to be comfortable with technology.

We think we're doing great, because the kids are doing something...

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Sensory Bins for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Big Kids

If you’re struggling to keep your little ones busy while you work, don’t worry, I have a way to keep them busy and challenged without handing over an iPad or turning on the TV. All three of our kids LOVE sensory bins!


A sensory bin is a Play Present that focuses on activating multiple senses at once. Most use seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling. You can even make edible sensory bins that use tasting! They’re important because kids learn through their senses and older kids destress with sensory activities.


Five easy steps to set one up:

1.  Find A Location  Sensory bins can be messy if you don’t prepare. Find a spot outdoors with a kid-sized table or soft space to sit. Grab towels and a bucket with water for easy cleanup. If you’re inside, lay down a sheet, oilcloth or tablecloth (we love the flannel backed vinyl ones). Afterward, you can gather up the sheet and pour any spills back into the bin or shake it out or wash it. Keep...

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