Our Story

Once upon a time I had two toddlers and a newborn.

We moved 9 times in 3 years and my entrepreneurial husband traveled a lot.

What should've been a time of joy and wonder, was a time when I felt totally overwhelmed!

How did all these other moms figure this mom thing out and make it look so easy?

Why did it feel like I was barely hanging on?

There had to be a better way.

So I started researching how other moms did it.

I learned about this idea of setting up play to keep the kids busy, so I didn't have to stay by their side all the time.

These little ideas I tried transformed my day! The kids were focused and engaged and stopped needing me constantly. Now I could give one child undivided attention or actually finish making dinner.

By becoming proactive instead of reactive, I was able to simplify it with routines and systems. I started sharing these ideas online and what people kept telling me was they just wanted to order something online, have it delivered to their house, and have it ready to go!

It was too much work researching, choosing, gathering materials, and setting up play activities.

That's why I created the Peaceful Play Box.

Instead of a monthly box that ends up in the trash (or hopefully recycling bin) this quarterly box is based on the season.

It includes the longest-lasting imaginative play tools and activities to keep kids playing.

Inside are items you won't want to throw away, but keep out on a play table or shelf, or bring into play with your kids' other toys.

Our kids go to a design thinking school, my dad was a teacher, and I've done the hard work for you so you can take a break! 

I truly hope to help you!