Why Peaceful Play?

You are the designer of your child's play!

As parents, we are designing our child's play by choosing what toys and tools come into our home and which of them hold a prominent place in our environment.

If you want your child to become the inventor, innovator, strategic-thinking problem-solver of tomorrow, you need to provide lots of free play with toys and tools that allow for creativity and imagination.

But what does that mean exactly? Is it just giving your child crayons and a coloring book?

At first, it was tough for me, too. Not everything gets played with. Sometimes their attention span is way too short. It's a lot easier to give them a screen than come up with creative play ideas.

Until now.

We've done the research for you. We've scoured books, blogs, and magazines. We've taken courses and met with teachers and entrepreneurs to find out what kinds of play help our children be set up for success in the real world.

Instead of leaning on technology and screens to entertain our kids, what if we set up a home that prepared our kids for success? 

That's why we created the Peaceful Play Box. Our wish is for you to have the ideas and tools you need, presented in a way that's easy to implement. It's a lot of time and energy to be a parent, so let's make it easy and joyful!

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